Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal

At AUI – we work to ensure all our customers are satisfied, from the clarity we provide in bid documents, through the project management and execution of the construction, to the close-out and environmental restoration services we offer. These services are absolutely engrained in the culture of AUI – as we know that every project is completed with the same high level of quality that we would construct for our selves.

Worksmanship on our projects deserves more than just a passing mention – as we strive to match construction specs to the highest degree. We are constantly improving our processes to ensure that bolts are cut down to the proper lengths, torqued to proper specifications, line sag is measured and calculated precisely, and with each project we complete – we are growing stronger methods through employee innovation in our means and methods.

Quality in construction requires attention to the details. From our workers on the ground to the linemen in aerial lifts – to operators installing duct bank, we have experienced eyes watching the project through to completion. In addition to the careful nature by our boots on the ground, we deploy our Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams to projects to review work sites to ensure construction standards are being met or exceeded on each project.

Changes happen on projects, whether or not these are due to environmental conditions or project timelines. These changes can result in increased scope of the project, or could present a situation that requires changes to the constructibility of the project. Our experience in the industry can be of importance when you are in this position. AUI can work with your company to reach a solution that works best to keep the project costs low and the timeline within the boundaries established.

Training and Development are at the foundation of everything we do at AUI. When we send our crews out to handle mutual aid and storm restoration, we have the full confidence that the crews are capable of handling situations that require highly experienced crews. We value training at AUI, and are working to develop our Apprenticeship Program into a Maryland accredited program. This will allow AUI to grow our workers through state acknowledged courses and established roles – creating channels for employees to work themselves into higher positions at the company. These growth channels are important for company stability (growing our work force), but are essential to our employees – as we provide them with the means to build their own value in the company.

At AUI, we are constantly working to research and develop new services to help our customers through their “pain-points”. When we hear that a customer needs a specific service that we don’t currently offer, we review the potential of the opportunity and with the flexibility and customer focus we strive to provide, we can work with the customer to create a solution that works for all parties. Some services that we’ve created internally for customers include: Live-Line/Barehand (Energized) Overhead, Directional Drilling, Matting, and Gas/Fiber Distribution Construction services. We are currently working to expand our Fabrication Department to handle external needs – as our experience in the industry has lead us to fabricate equipment and structures for projects that meet or exceed the specifications required by project engineers. These services are becoming a requirement to remain flexible and to stay in front of the competition in the industry, and AUI is more than willing to build powerful partnerships through the implementation of these valuable services.

When we say “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed” at AUI – we don’t just say it. It’s our belief that we need to exceed your requirements on any project we are tasked to complete. If you aren’t satisfied – we value your feedback and will work to ensure you are one-hundred percent satisfied with our services. Due to the nature of our work being ‘dirty’ at times, we have established services for Site Restoration and Environmental services to review properties prior to the project start-up and after the project completion, capturing data, images and video to ensure that the site is left in “as good” or better condition than when we started the project. Having said this, we’re not perfect – we make mistakes. If we’re working on a project and are hit by a torrential downpour with heavy equipment in a field, moving that equipment out could cause ruts or disturb the soil. These aren’t acceptable, but can happen due to the nature of weather or environmental conditions. If this (or any other similar circumstance) happens, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

AUI values our partnerships throughout the industry, and will work to provide the best quality services for years to come. Stay tuned for any updates by subscribing to our newsletter, and follow us on social networks in the footer of this page – to keep up to date on our latest news!