What does Safety mean to AUI?

At AUI Power, Safety forms the foundation for everything we do.  From bidding and project planning, through execution and close-out, safety is fully integrated into all aspects of each project.

For prospective employees, a commitment to adhere to our safe work culture is required to join our team. Beginning with orientation on day-one and continuing throughout their career, each employee receives ongoing comprehensive safety training to ensure that they utilize safe work practices and comply with safety regulations every step of the way.

Before AUI Power starts a project, a Job Hazard Analysis is performed and a detailed Site Specific Safety Plan is communicated to ensure all potential hazards are identified, and plans to safely navigate through each hazard are in place. During daily safety tailboard briefings, the crew identifies any potential hazards on their job, and if possible – removes them completely. If the potential hazard cannot be removed, project supervisors review and devise a plan and procedure to ensure safe completion of each task. On a continual basis, AUI Power’s Safety Inspectors review job sites, perform random inspections of personal protective equipment to make sure safe work practices are adhered to at every work site. Any incident, near-miss, good-catch or hazardous situation that occurs on the job site is documented and reviewed so everyone can learn and improve.

Through continual auditing and monitoring of safety procedures, ongoing safety training, and safety policy and procedure adjustments – AUI Power can account for better methods and changing regulatory requirements to remind us that our top priority is to perform every task safely.

AUI Power’s Safety Manager is certified by OSHA in the “Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals for General Industry” and is also certified by OSHA for the “Construction Industry”.

In addition to OSHA certification, AUI Power’s Safety Manager has been recognized by the Mid-Atlantic OTI Education Center for “Continuous Learning and Dedication to Construction Safety and Health”.