Emergency Drone Inspections

Emergency Drone Inspections

AUI Power recently completed two emergency drone inspections for a large utility customer, increasing reliability numbers by discovering defects such as this broken insulator and flash marked conductor before it causes an outage.

These flights and reports are required many times to remove our workers from harms way. Sending in a drone to inspect and clear an area prior to sending in manned crews reduces the risk factor from downed lines, damaged structures, and any other potential issues that may be hazardous or life-threatening to a utility worker.

The video captured by our drones is live-streamed back to the pilot and other ground crew members, who can assess the situation from the safety of the staging area. High resolution cameras can capture fine details, and the highly manueverable aerial vehicles are capable of getting up close to provide the information necessary to make a decision on what dangers exist. Proper planning and research ensure that each of our crewmembers can go home safe at the end of each day.

Our Emergency Drone Inspection services have been used for tornado damage, hurricanes, winds, and flash flood damages, capturing high-quality images, 4k video, and/or thermal imagery – along with LiDAR and laser scanning for structures and to capture accurate measurements.

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