Fabrication Services

AUI Power specializes in Structural Welding for customers across all utility industries. Our “Boots on the Ground” experience, teamed with our mobility across the Mid-Atlantic region will help you meet the strict quality and time demands for your project.

From Idea to Installation

AUI Power provides our customers with the ability to go from IDEA to FABRICATION to INSTALLATION with our In-House team of fabricators and welding professionals.

Our experience in the utility industry gives us the unique advantage to create solutions for your needs, prototype designs in our fabrication facility and certified structural welders, and work on-site through the installation process.

AUI is certified for D1.1 Structural Welding, with a specialty in fabricating electric utility structures, frames, brackets, bird diverters, and many more materials for the utility industry. This experience allows us to have the knowledge-base to create informed decisions about the design of fabricated parts.

If you have a need for a qualified, experienced fabrication team for your project – reach out to us today for more information! Our team of welders is available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and can do installations on-site.

Let us show you that we’ll do what it takes to make sure the job is done right and on time!

AUI’s Fabrication Team Offers:

Hole Punching
Small Part Shearing
Milling 2-Axis
Plasma Cutting
Fabrication of all Sizes
Welding MIG, Stick, TIG
Mobile Welding Services
Aerial Lift Welding Services
Truck Upfitting
Aluminum, Stainless & Mild
Structural D1.1 Certified