Quality Control & Quality Assurance

In a time when public demands and regulatory agency requirements for dependable power climb higher and higher, AUI Power partners with our customers to continually surpass their expectations.

AUI Power has developed a superior reputation in the Mid-Atlantic region for our high-level of workmanship and attention to detail. Whether that means using the best quality materials, verifying torque specifications on electrical connections, or spending extra time on site restoration – we are willing to stand behind our quality on every project.

With that strong foundation in the electrical utility industry, our QC/QA department incorporates policies, procedures, and regular monitoring & auditing so that our projects consistently exceed customer quality requirements.

Documentation from our QC/QA department provides valuable insight to project managers, foremen and field employees while opening lines of communication allowing AUI Power to avoid potential non-conformance issues, and also intensifies focus on areas where we can continue to grow through education and training practices.

The QC/QA department has multiple levels of oversight, which include everyone from the owners of the company to the individual ground hands on each of our projects.

Taking ownership of our work is a fundamental trait of each member of the team at AUI Power. We are individually responsible for the quality of the work we produce, and from pre-bid to closeout – we are driven to surpass expectations.