Emergency Services

AUI Power has 24/7 on-call emergency crews with a reputation for prompt response and unparalleled dedication to getting customers back in service safely and efficiently.

AUI Power has provided mutual aid to utilities across the United States for hurricane, blizzard, heavy wind storms, ice, flooding, and other natural disaster events.

AUI Power is centrally located on the eastern seaboard, allowing us to mobilize quickly to anywhere we are needed to restore electrical utility service.

We offer the following Emergency Services:

  • Pre-Storm Staging
  • Debris Clearing & Removal
  • Replacement of Damaged Equipment
  • Re-Energize Circuits
  • Wire Guarding
  • Critical Community Safety Services
  • Pre / Post Storm Assessment
  • Aerial UAV/Drone Photography

The Mid-Atlantic region is frequently hit with large storms – from Hurricanes to Nor’Easters.


AUI has experienced crews ready to go to anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond to provide mutual aid for utilities across the country. Working through some of the toughest conditions, we rely on our training and culture of success to ensure that your storm response is efficient and well communicated.

Please contact us for roster information if you are in need of reliable and professional mutual aid services.