Overhead Distribution Construction

AUI Power has many years of experience in handling power lines, from new construction to repair and maintenance.

AUI Power handles road-widening projects for distribution relocation, reconductor work, overhead and underground distribution systems for new subdivisions, pole change outs and rebuilds, reconductor work, street lighting, and can work on projects in secured properties, such as military facilities, airports, seaports, oil and gas fields, petro-chemical facilities, power generation, and refineries.

AUI Power’s crews are ready to mobilize for your service calls, upgrades, or new construction projects.

Overhead Distribution Construction Services

• Energized 34kV – Glove Certified
• New Line Construction/Rebuilds
• System Hardening/Reliability Assessments & Upgrades
• Constructability Reviews
• Pole Installation or Repair
• Crossarm and Insulator Upgrades
• Pole Changeout in Inaccessible Areas
• Relocations Associated with Roadway Improvements
• Transformer Installation & Replacement
• Cable Splicing
• Primary & Secondary Fault Repair
• Switch Installation & Repair
• Smart Grid Conversion
• Distribution Automation
• Make Ready Work for Communication Infrastructure
• Radio & Antenna Installations & Upgrades for Network/Mesh Communications Systems
• Primary Voltage Conversions
• 2 to 3 Phase Conversions

AUI is highly experienced in a variety of fields, all dedicated to increasing the quality of our infrastructure.


Other Services Offered by AUI Power

Trenching and Excavating We offer traditional trenching & excavating – including backfill and compaction to meet engineered compaction specifications.

Manholes, Vaults, & Concrete Pads From pre-cast to traditional forming and pouring, AUI provides and installs manholes, vaults, pull boxes, and equipment pads. We are here meet your needs.

Ductbanks At AUI Power, we have all types of duct bank installations from sand encased to concrete encased including all duct spacers, re-bar, and conduit.

Directional Drilling HHD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) has become the premier process for installing underground applications. AUI’s underground team has a well established reputation for completing the project safely and efficiently.

Vacuum Excavation Vacuum Excavation, also known as daylighting, is quickly becoming the excavation standard of the future in highly congested digging areas where miss utility strikes can not be afforded. Using water preasure and vacuum technology, AUI Power can quickly expose hard to find utilities, such as gas, fiber optic, phone or electric.

Vibratory Plowing & HDPE Pipe Fusion Vibratory Plowing is a trenchless method for installing cable or small conduit for later insertion of wire line products. AUI Power is ready to complete this multi-stage process for you. We also offer HDPE Pipe Fusion.